February 2016: A letter to myself.

It’s February! Let’s follow up to see your progress.

Q: It’s been almost 2 months since you set your New Year’s Goals, how are they going?

A: It’s going….

Q: Read any new books yet? You have a goal to read 3 novels this year.

A: I actually started reading a book called “The Perfect Murder”, and to be completely honest, I just started last week and I’ve only read one chapter. I do plan to continue. Reading hasn’t been a hobby for me since elementary school, I read if I have to, but it’s hard for me to enjoy reading.

Q: How’s yoga been going? I know you started going to yoga class a few months ago, have you continued? Do you enjoy it?

A: I haven’t been to yoga since January, but not by choice. I know, this is just another excuse. My car broke down after 4 classes, and David’s work schedule interferes with the class time. I have however, been stretching daily, and I’m making a lot of progress with my flexibility.

Q: Any new weight loss? What are you doing to lose weight, and manage your physical health?

A: I haven’t had any major weight loss, like 5 pounds, nothing to brag about. I’ve been doing tons of research on losing weight and keeping it off. I’ve started eating off of smaller plates, which could have an impact on my weight loss. I try not to drink sugary drinks, I make my own juice weekly and sweeten it with honey. I have plans to see a dietitian very soon! I had blood work done, and my blood glucose is great (diabetes runs in my family). I’m taking baby steps when it comes to working out, honestly, I barely enjoy working out. I know I will grow into it as I start seeing results. I have a weight loss goal, but I’m still figuring out how I’m going to get there. The weight loss will take time, but it’ll be worth it. My physical health affects my mental health, the work is worth it.

Q: How are things going with your direct sales business?

A: Things are getting better. I’m learning more about the actual company. Learning how to sell things without being annoying isn’t easy, but it’s my job. I’m thankful to be able to work from home, and I’m hoping that I can get a promotion before this year is up!

Q: You have a goal to save a certain amount of money, how are things looking?

A: It’s looking like David & I will be buying a house in a couple of years! It’s great!

Q: Do you feel like your New Year’s Goals were realistic? Do you think you can complete all your goals?

A: I do think my goals are realistic, but they will take work. Because my goals are things that I actually value and want to achieve, I believe I can handle it. Even if I scram last minute to accomplish my goals, I will get them done.

For those who have set goals for the year, follow up with yourself! Find motivation in yourself! How well are you doing with your goals?


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