Hey everyone! I know it’s been FOREVER since I’ve written anything. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been busy, but I really haven’t. I’m just extremely lazy these days! & I don’t feel guilty about it at all! Just a heads up, I’m free-writing this, so please excuse any grammatical errors you may find.

This post is about my health & fitness goals. Where I am, where I want to be, and how I plan to get there. I’ve never found interest in any physical activities at all. I always hated PE growing up because it normally involved running, which is something I have never been good at. My brother got all the athletic genes and left absolutely zero for my sister and I. So it’s not a surprise that I gained a little marriage weight, I use the term “little” loosely. Fortunately for me, my husband loves my lil muffin top, but I DON’T.

I’ll be honest, I’m fairly vain. & the thought of me PCSing in March is kind of intimidating because I don’t look the same I did when I left home. I’m well aware that I’m no longer a teenager, but I think my age & physical health are not corresponding at all. I know I need to get it together, so I can live a long and enjoyable life.

Back in May, I decided to do a month of paleo. For those who don’t know what that is; no dairy, no grains, no added sugars, no legumes. Basically I ate strictly meats, vegetables, and fruits for a month. Boy, the weight fell off so fast. Unfortunately, eating paleo requires a ton of work (including but not limited to grocery shopping multiple times a week). I was too exhausted, and partially lazy to work out like I should have. Obviously the weight came back.

I’m now working out 5 days a week, mostly weight lifting. I struggle with running, but I would eventually like to get more comfortable doing it. Now cycling, I can do 5 miles and enjoy it. I’m trying to get myself into a good routine where I can actually make the gym a permanent part of my life. It’s only been 3 weeks so far, and I truly am enjoying it, I just hope I can stay motivated to work out. It’s just extremely annoying that I haven’t lost any weight yet. Part of the reason I choose paleo for weight loss is because it’s fast, it’s just not a long term solution. I am thankful of how strong I am getting though! I actually did 240 lbs on the leg press today, 3 weeks ago I was only lifting 120!

I’m fairly comfortable with the fitness part of it, but I’m struggling with the nutritional aspect of this. Which is the most important part I heard!

I’m actually writing this post because I know I have a ton of gym junkies on my Facebook. Obviously you all have inspired me in some way or another. I want to hear what inspired you to become physically fit. I also would love to hear about your fitness goals. Any healthy recipes you would like to share? Good vibes, and words of encouragement are welcome! Any tips or suggestions about weight loss/fat loss, I would appreciate it!


  1. I am so happy you have found something you like. I recently started weight lifting as well but the bad thing about lifting is that it’s not a good way to lose fat, you will really only gain muscle. I have no cardio in my routine which sucks but I’m gonna try and find something that works for me. It’s important to have some cardio if you are lifting and want to burn fat. I think you are awesome for doing a month of any diet because I could never! Dieting is freakin hard but since it comes to you easily I would suggest continuing it! Not 100% paleo all the time but like 50% or something? Lol. and just get your cardio in! You freakin got this girl! We should do some cardio sometime lol.

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    1. Awe thank you! & Yes, paleo is tough! No condiments or any sweets really aside from fruit. & I’m TERRIBLE at running. Maybe we can do the track sometime, if you’re patient lol Good luck to you with your fitness goals ❤


      1. Lol don’t worry girl I’m patient when it comes to running! Even walking is good! Chris and I try to take walks early in the morning before we go to work or in the afternoon. I love walking!!! That I can do!

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  2. It’s so great you have decided to change. Most people don’t realize or admit they are living unhealthy lifestyles. And awesome nutriental diet is iifym (if it fits your macros) look it up! You might find it to your likiing.

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  3. Just found this post! Glad to hear you are weight training, it really is the best type of exercise to do if you want to change your body.

    Paleo is HARD. I tried Whole 30 and failed miserably and now I follow a diet from the book Smart Fat which is very flexible with food, it just does not allow a tone of added sugar and know wheat or wheat flour. Check it out!

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  4. Wow I can totally relate to this. I’m a nineteen year old who is in the beginning of my fitness journey. I started a blog to share my experiences and progress along the way! If your interested check it out!

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  5. It sounds like you have come a long way which is super awesome! I started my fitness journey because I was honestly sick and tired of being unhealthy and I knew I needed to make some serious changes. I actually do an at home program now and I run monthly fitness challenges. They’re pretty fun and they allow me to help others along their fitness journeys, which is super rewarding and motivating for me. School makes it tough to be healthy, but Im doing an alright job I think so far. Tonight I marinated some chicken with italian salad dressing and then once it was cooked I topped it off with some amazing marina and a little mozzarella cheese. It was like pasta but without the carbs! So good! Good luck with the rest of your journey ❤

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  6. Great post, so relatable. Would you ever consider trying personal training, I started it a month ago and seriously it was the best decision I’ve ever made. My trainer gave me a personalised nutrition and training plan for losing weight and keeping it off as well as toning up. Its great one month in and I’m down 10 lbs, the meal plan isn’t restrive either as in I’m never starving and allow myself little treats. There is cardio involved but only a little that builds your fitness levels. I have a few post about this on my own blog if you want to check it out (no pressure)! 🙂
    Hope it’s going well! 🙂


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  7. I wouldn’t worry to much about the weight on the scale. Just keep exercising as you are, as for diet I would try to keep away from things which aren’t “real food” that basically means nothing processed (chicken nuggets, sweets etc.) Try eating more fruit, veg, brown bread, pasta,rice and white meats. Good luck hope you reach your goals!

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  8. Loved this!! Have you tried meal prepping? I found that that helped me out significantly in regards to eating healthy. You take one day of the week, make all of your meals for the week, and you’re set. It could take a few hours, but it’s such a time saver in the long run.

    I also like macro tracking as it gives you the flexibility of calories, proteins, etc. so that you can add in a little bit of what you really want food wise some days.

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  9. Stay motivated. Smash your weights, lots of reps. So many reps you could do even one more, drop some weight and do more reps. Fat will literally melt off. Diet is important but if you’re trying to lose fat don’t follow something you don’t enjoy because it’ll be easy to lose interest. Simple clean meals, clean healthy fats and low GI carbs. Check out my blog for some interesting ideas. Good food keeps a good mood, it’s important you’re enjoying what you eat. Keep up the good work!!

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  10. Skipping is a great way to become fitter and lose weight the correct way! 10 minutes of skipping is the equivalent to running or jogging for 39mins! So if you aren’t a fan of running, I’d give skipping a try!🤗✨ Good luck!

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  11. If nutrition is the main concern, I’d say that tracking your calories or micronutrient intake would be a good start. This will help you learn what it is you are actually eating and make better choices. Not to mention you can make more educated adjustments to your nutrition program to keep the results coming.

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